The perfect canvas: LA

By Nicole Merino

Los Angeles has many “Instagram-able” walls, art that is seen on social media and are it places to take pictures or have a photoshoot. One example is the Paul Smith Wall, which is a pink wall that covers a West Hollywood store. But if you’re not into the pink walls that everyone seems to have for their profile picture, here are some Los Angeles murals that could also be the perfect background for your next photoshoot.



Beverly Hills

Bumblebeelovesyou is an artist that creates images of children on unloved walls of Los Angeles. His work deals with issues such as child homelessness. His iconic work stands out with bright bumblebee colors. His canvases are the walls that no one pays attention to, and if you don’t know where it is, one would have never known it was there. Passed Out created in 2015 is located by the Beverly Center in Hollywood. The art is located on the side of a custom framing design store. The area is full of the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, so if you want to catch this mural, slow down and look around the corner because you never know what you might find.


Downtown Los Angeles

Claudio Ethos is a Brazilian mural artist born in 1982 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


His art is located on Fifth Street and Main Street in Downtown Los Angeles.  His style is so unique that one can distinguish it at a glance. By using a minimal color palette – he creates these large-scale surreal murals that captured the eyes of many. His artwork in Downtown, Los Angeles is located in parking lot surrounded by buildings and trees can be easily missed. But once you finally see it all, it is an art piece that can make you think, and can make a statement on your next post.


6529 Hollywood Blvd.

Alfredo de Batuc created Dolores Del Río, located in the heart of Hollywood in 1990. The significance of the mural lies much deeper than the glitz and glam of the city. He knew the subject matter was going to be Mexican—not necessarily about culture, but about someone who was Mexican and contributed or was a prominent member of the Hollywood establishment in the past. Being recently restored, this mural has this beautiful sunset in the back; surrounded by flowers and different scenes from the film Dolores was in. This mural has no bad angles and will make people ask you where this mural is because everyone will want to see this beauty in person.

IMG_3329 (1).JPG
Nicole Merino