Five Funky Fusions

Refresh with these cool drinks for summer

Text and photograph by Kate Haggard

Left to right:

Cinna Sin

MIX 6 oz. of Rumchata, 1 oz. of Fireball Whiskey, 2 oz. of vanilla vodka with ice in a shaker. SHAKE. POUR into glass rimmed with Rumchata and cinnamon sugar.

Flaming Hot Shot

FILL a small container with Hot Cheetos. POUR 4 oz. of tequila over the top of the Cheetos and refrigerate for 2–5 hours. STRAIN the tequila and POUR into shot glass. DIP a lime wedge in crushed Hot Cheetos for the rim.

Tipsy Bears

FILL a jar with gummy bears. POUR rum (or the alcohol of your choice) to the top of jar. REFRIGERATE overnight. Take out the next day and eat up!

Cherry Chill

COMBINE 1 ½ oz. of vanilla vodka and ½ oz. of grenadine with ice in a shaker. SHAKE. POUR into a shot glass. TOP with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

Green Monster Margarita

COMBINE 6 oz. tequila, sliced jalapeño and sliced cucumber in a plastic bag. KEEP in freezer overnight for a refreshing drink the next day or POUR over ice and enjoy.