An alternative look at animal exploitation and the promotion of animal protection

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The Animal Museum

There's photography as activism and then there's art as activism. One museum is using its platform to spread awareness on animal abuse, its' affects on the environment, the animals themselves, and society as a whole.


Located just off 4th Street and Alameda Street, in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles, home to the infamous fluorescent angel wings seen in most trendy Instagram selfies, resides The Animal Museum.

With its’ recent debut on February of 2017, this nonprofit corporation, is the first of its’ kind as its’ declared mission is, “to preserve, interpret and share [their] inspiring legacy of animal protection, to nurture current and future generations’ overall awareness about animals in society and to empower change,” states The Animal Museum website.

The Animal Museum offers its visitors exhibits and special events. Two of its’ most recent exhibitions are the DTLA: Artists From the District, curated by Rafael Perea de la Cabada and Carolyn Merino Mullino, and The Sexual Politics of Meat(SPOM), curated by artists Kathryn Eddy, Janell O’Rourke, and L.A. Watson.

With its' unique educational and activist art, this is the perfect place for art lovers, artists, activists or for those open-minded curious souls.