Fun ways to get your drink on


Drinking is always more interesting when you add some friendly competition into the mix. While just about any game can be a drinking game if you come up with some new rules, there are some tried-and-true classics that just about anyone can get right into.

Beer Pong

Possibly the most well-known drinking game of all time, Beer Pong is played between two opponents, on a standard table with cups, drinks, and a ping pong ball. At each end of the table, contestants line up 10 red solo cups in a pyramid formation, fill them with their drink of choice (with softer alcohols like beer or wine highly recommended) and get themselves into position at the head of the table. Contestants take turns throwing the ball across the table, hoping to land the ball in one of their opponents’ cups. If they make it, the opponent has to drink the contents of that cup. The winner is the first one to force their opponent to drink all 10 of their cups.

There is also a team variant of the game, where two teams of two face off against each other. The rules are largely the same, except team members take turns shooting and drinking.

King’s Cup

On the surface, King’s Cup is a simple game in which requires a deck of cards, a cup, and players with drinks. The cup is placed in the middle of a group of people sitting in a circle, with a deck of cards spread around the base of the cup in an unbroken circle. Players take turns drawing cards, doing various activities based on what card was drawn. While most of the rules for each card vary from group to group, there are a few universal rules. The first person to break the continuity of the circle of cards takes a drink. If you draw a King, pour some of your drink into the cup. If you draw the fourth King, the game ends and you drink the contents of the cup. While some groups add a rule that everyone playing has to be drinking the same thing, it’s much more interesting if everyone is drinking something different.

Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a team game, where each team member has a cup filled with an equal amount of a drink, usually the top line of a red plastic cup. Each team lines up against one edge of a table, with the two teams facing each other. The two teams should be equal in size, and each person should be directly across from someone on the other team. When someone says “go,” each team goes down the line, in a race to be the first team to finish. The goal? Drain your cup, and then flip it. The catch is, only one person can go at a time. The cup is placed at the edge of the table, right-side up. Each player’s turn is done when they flick the cup so that it is upside-down on the table. The line resets if someone’s cup gets knocked over after it was flipped. The only people allowed to touch their cups are the ones currently attempting to drink/flip them. The first team to finish going down the line wins.

Movie and Television-based Games

Another popular practice in the realm of drinking games is to assign various rules to popular movies and TV shows, usually based on well-known events that happen. One example of this would be from the “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” drinking game, where players should take a drink any time someone says “Ni!” Most movies and TV shows have their own games that fans have created, and the internet is a great source to find some of these. One popular website is, which has a large database of movies and TV shows.

The Santa Hat Game

This game is best played with a favorite television show. The rules are simple: place a santa hat on one of the two top corners of the TV, put on the show, and take a drink every time a character is wearing the hat. The hat doesn’t have to be a santa hat, it just has to be able to stay on the screen.

DISCLAIMER: Scene is in no way endorsing or suggesting that people under the legal drinking age try these games, unless it is with water or soda. Or maybe juice. Drinking alcohol under the age of 21 is illegal.

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