Paying your way to freedom


The Experience     

The location building for Amazing Escape Room LA gives nothing away about the exhilarating, stressful experience held within. Located in what seems to be just another office executive suite on Parthenia Street, Amazing Escape Room LA features a relatively small lobby, containing nothing more than a simple couch, a small desk to check in, a water machine, and a wall of locks.

When your group’s turn comes up, you’re led into a room by one of the Game Masters. You’re given a summary of the story behind your room along with a basic overview of the rules, and then left alone with a TV on the wall. The TV goes more in-depth with the storyline and rules, and then the timer starts. You have one hour to escape. You’re given three hints if you get stuck, but otherwise it’s up to you and your group to find the code that will open the door and set you free.

The Company      

Amazing Escape Room has five different rooms, each one with their own story. The escapes range from being locked in the manager’s office of an illegal speakeasy in the 1920’s, to taking the role of a CIA agent removing information from the banks of enemy nations. Each room features themed music and decorations, all dressed to match the story players are immersing themselves in.

The company’s goal is to foster a positive team-building environment while challenging the mind with difficult puzzles, while making sure that everyone involved is having fun. Difficulty isn’t just an attention-grabber either, with their easiest room rated with only a 35% pass rate.


Bookings for rooms must be reserved online at least one hour before, at

16933 Parthenia Street,

Suite 100

Northridge, CA 91343

For other questions, their phone number is


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