You've met their syllabi and teaching methods, but have you met their pets?


These are a few of our CSUN professors who have decided to share an inside scoop of their life at home with their family pets.

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Professor: Lauren Ross with pets Tad, Red, Munchie and her husband.

Department: Business Law

Quote: "We travel with them, we sleep with them, we do everything with them- they are like our children."

Professor: Sandor Samuels with 8 year old Sadie

Department: Business Law

Quote: "My favorite thing to do with Sadie is to throw a tennis ball in the backyard and have Sadie fetch it and bring it back to me. Sadie is a very smart dog." 

Professor: Kristyan M Kouri and her nephew Alex sitting with her two kittens

Department: Sociology
Quote: "I have four cats and three dogs and they all love each other. It's so sweet!"

Professor: Jessica L. Chen holding her Miniature Schnauzer “Madeline Chenfeng” 
Department: Education
Quote: “Madeline is such a warm, kind-hearted, happy-go-lucky, lovable dog. She only has lots of love, energy, and joy to share with everyone.  She’s also quite cautious - avoids walking on puddles or anything new on the sidewalk.  She absolutely loves people and loves being scratched.”

Professor: Art Shulman with 7 year old  Gray
Department: Business Marketing
Quote : "At night sometimes I let her in, I lie on the couch, and even though she runs away outside she jumps on top and she sleeps with me and stays there. . .that's my favorite thing."

Professor: Michael Parkhurst with Dancer

Department: Business Management

Quote: " Dancer attempts to talk, he can almost say “I love you,".[My favorite thing to do] take them to the beach [both his daughters dog Akeira and Dancer] where they can run around in the surf."

Professor:  Ezra Shapiro with Newfoundland puppies. Lily (the black one) lives in Van Nuys with Shapiroseven years later.

Department: Journalism

Quote: "There's nothing like being mobbed by puppies." 

Professor: Christina Ayala-Alcantars dog Angel (right), Pedro (front), Rayo (left)

Department: Chicano/a Studies

Quote: "The three dogs are small and hyper. They bark a lot and have fun running around the yard."


All Photos were provided by each individual professor.