The untold truth about psychiatry

Located in Hollywood, the Psychiatry Museum informs visitors about the psychiatry industry. (Photo credit: Lauren Valencia.)

Located in Hollywood, the Psychiatry Museum informs visitors about the psychiatry industry. (Photo credit: Lauren Valencia.)


The Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum opened in December 2005 in Hollywood, at the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) International headquarters.  The CCHR works to bring justice to human rights by exposing the violations against these rights, according to the CCHR website.

The museum was created with the intention of showing how the industry of psychiatry is highly driven by profit. This museum sheds light on the issues in the industry by receiving and compiling information from experts and people who have survived the abuse.

The goal is to keep the public informed about the industry of psychiatry and the harm the industry poses to the public. Over time the public has been misinformed and people have fallen victim to the harsh reality of the psychiatry industry.  

According to the CCHR website, while it is recognized that many people do experience different emotions and behaviors, there are no tests that can prove these are in fact medical diseases. Over time psychiatry has dubbed this as a disease to make a profit while many times this can lead to death, addiction, and/or permanent side effects, stated by CCHR


The cost of admission is free and openly accepts donations. Photography is not allowed due to the misrepresentation the museum has received over the past years. Before entering the museum, you are asked to sit and watch a 5-minute clip about the industry and background of psychiatry. This is a self-guided tour in which visitors move at their own pace.

The museum features 14 different rooms that show the different ways psychiatry has affected the world. The rooms include the Holocaust, racism, Soviet Psychiatry, brain damage, drug profit, children in psychiatry, and Hollywood stars affected by psychiatry.

Each section of the museum features 10-minute documentary-style videos that inform guests about how psychiatry has been used in those departments. Each room is designed to mimic the situation that is being explored. For example, the section that discusses how children are affected is designed like a classroom and the section that discusses brain damage is designed like a hospital room. The museum is designed to be interactive with its guests, allowing them to touch things on display and choose whether to watch the videos that are offered or not.

At the end of the tour a survey is offered where guests share their thoughts on their experience.


Location: 6616 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Hours: M-F: 10am-9pm

    Sat.: 10am-6pm

    Sun.: 1-6pm

Phone: (323) 467-4242